If you are interested in RNA biology and would like to join the lab as an undergraduate student, a PhD student or a postdoc,

contact Pawel directly: 

P.L.Grzechnik (at) bham.ac.uk


If you wish to apply for your own funding we will help you to develop your project and application.

  • Prospective undergraduates

    Students looking for 

    - MSci, MSc and MRes projects 

    - summer placement,

    - 3rd year projects

    - Erasmus placement  

    are welcome to contact us!

  • Prospective PhD students

    The University of Birmingham offers a range of PhD studentships:



    Darwin Trust

    We are also happy to support your application for external studentships (e.g. China Scholarship CouncilIslamic Development Bank or Newton Bhabha).

    More scholarships and funding options you can find on the UoB website here!

  • Prospective postdocs

    If you are in a position to obtain your own funding we will help you to find and apply for a suitable fellowship (e.g. EMBO-LTFHFSPFEBS-LTFMarie-CurieNewton International, or any national programme).

    Contact us with your CV if you are interested!

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