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PhD project Pawel Grzechnik group

If you are interested in RNA biology and would like to join the lab as an undergraduate student, a PhD student or a postdoc,

contact Pawel directly: 

pawel.grzechnik (at) manchester.ac.uk


If you wish to apply for your own funding we will help you to develop your project and application.

Prospective PhD students

The University of Manchester offers a range of PhD studentships.

We are also happy to support your application for external studentships (e.g. China Scholarship CouncilIslamic Development Bank or Newton Bhabha).

Prospective postdocs

If you are in a position to obtain your own funding we will help you to find and apply for a suitable fellowship (e.g. EMBO-LTFHFSPFEBS-LTFMarie-CurieNewton International, or any national programme).

Contact us with your CV if you are interested!