May 03, 2019

Holly has been awarded a Biomedical Vacation Scholarship from Wellcome Trust

This prestigious and very competitive scholarship will allow Holly to stay in our lab over summer and work on her exciting project regarding stress-response transcription. Well done Holly! 


May 03, 2019

Kinga's Birthday

Onofrio came up with a brilliant plan of how to surprise Kinga! She was definitively surprised...

Happy Birthday, Kinga!


April 30, 2019

Maya leave

Sad day, our super talented MSci student Maya Wilson is off for a new adventure as a PhD student at King's College London. Good luck Maya and visit us sometimes!


May 03, 2019

Pawel joins eLife Ambassadors

Our PI has been selected to participate in eLife's programme aiming to promote positive changes in academic culture. Pawel's goal is to start an initiative that will tackle professional bullying and intimidation in science. 

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April 03, 2019

Kinga's manuscript accepted in JoVE!

Our protocol on rRNA methylation analysis has been accepted and will be published in JoVE. We should expect a filming crew in our lab at any moment! Congratulations Kinga!

April 03, 2019

Training at Birmingham Genomics Centre

Kinga and Onofrio spent all day participating in Birmingham Genomics Forum. They learned about recent advances in Illumina and Nanopore technology as well as new approaches in genomics. It was a very productive day!

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March 29, 2019

Lab night out to celebrate Maya's PhD application successes

Maya decided to continue her career at King's College London. To celebrate her success we arrived at secret scientific research in Birmingham. The facility has been hit by a toxic gas leak and we had to work as a team to isolate the affected areas, make the facility safe and escape within 1 hour. We did it in 58 minutes!



March 20, 2019

International Staff Day at the University of Birmingham 

Our lab is international and diverse. We are from Poland, the UK, Turkey and Italy. We are from different backgrounds and cultures. Therefore we joined celebrations of Universities and organisations joining together to support international students, staff, communities and partnerships. 

March 20, 2019

A birthday surprise for Pawel 

His lab crew is the best, so he had known that this was coming...



March 06, 2019

Pawel gave a short talk for Henry Dale Fellows at Wellcome Trust meeting 

The meeting aimed to enhance networking and collaborations of scientists supported by the Wellcome Trust and to update the Fellows with new policies and opportunities.

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February 15, 2019

Maya will continue her research into RNA biology as a PhD student

Celebration time!!! Our own Maya has been offered TWO PhD positions! One at King's College London to investigate ncRNA functions in diabetis and at University of Nottingham to study RNA content of extracellular vesicles. Where will she go? Maya promised that she will come back for her postdoc to our lab. 


January 28, 2019

Onofrio progresses through his MIBTP rotation

This month, our PhD student Onofrio Zanin started his 3-months placement in Daniel Hebenstreit's lab at the University of Warwick where he is developing bioinformatic tools to analyse NET-seq data. Onofrio visited us today and we found that he has transformed into a real PhD student now!



January 21, 2019

PhD student Hurmuz Ceylan joined the lab

Hurmuz holds Turkish studentship to complete PhD at the University of Birmingham. She will work on R loops biology in cancer cells. Welcome aboard! 


January 16, 2019

New equipment in the lab

A Christmas present for the team! Our own MSci student Maya upgraded the lab with this essential piece of equipment. Brilliant idea, we will never lose it (and nobody will nick it) again!






January 15, 2019

Lots of cards from the Shelburne middle school

In December last year, Pawel talked about science with 7th grade students from Shelburne middle school in Virginia, USA. Today he received the best feedback ever - lots of thank-you cards! Some kids appreciated talking to a scientist but still continued football trash-talk! We love characters like Logan!











January 07, 2019

Back in the lab!

The crew is back and ready for challenges in 2019!